March 2010 NFARES meeting

The next meeting of the North Fulton ARES will be Tuesday, March 9 2010 at 7:00pm ET.

NOTE: The March meeting location is scheduled for the Sandy Springs EOC/911 Center. The EOC is located off of Mt Vernon Rd near Barfield Rd. Please enter the parking deck from Mt Vernon Rd, and Tom (W4UOC) will let you in the building.

We will monitor the 145.47+ (PL 100) repeater and 146.49 simplex for talk-in.

For the March meeting, we will have training on AirMail/Winlink, D-STAR, and D-RATS. Please join us!

AirMail/Winlink training

If you have a lap top computer, please bring it to the meeting so we can get them set up for AirMail/Winlink. We will also have one station set up to send Winlink messages by RF from the EOC to the internet where those with only an internet connection can receive and reply to the vhf station.

D-STAR training

We will have a DV Access Point (DVAP)set up so we can introduce the group to the use of D-STAR voice communications. Jim Paine will provide a WiFi connection for use in the small training room. We will allow those participants not familiar with voice operations on D-Star to get on the air using the DVAP.

D-RATS training

We will have two D-STAR radios set up to communicate on a simplex channel to send and receive D-RATS low speed text and file data. Those that have D-STAR transceivers are encouraged to bring them along as well as their lap top computers so we can install the D-RATS software on their computers.